Friday, 24 January 2014

DJ Craze - The Lowdown 4 (Free with KMag May 24 1999)

"Free with 'Knowledge Mag. Two separate continuous mixes by DJ Craze. Tracks 1-11 are drum & bass, 12-20 hip-hop."

This is pretty rare, had to upload it myself, as in their infinite wisdom KMag put all the CD mixes on someone else's server and it no longer exists, so unless they decide to put them all back up again, the only way you can get and listen to these is via kind ppl such as myself, LOL. Njoi!

Track List

     DJ Jeffee - Down Like This (King Size remix) (Flight)
    Trend - Set it Off (Live)
    M/CR Movement featuring 2D & D-Cutz - Dig it (Freeform)
    Ray Keith - Solar Systems (UFO)
    King Kooba featuring MC Chickaboo - Fraternity (Second Skin)
    Freestyles - Stronger (True Playaz)
    Notorious J - Rupture (Trouble on Vinyl)
    Moving Fusion - Deep Minds (Ram)
    Ascend - What's Up (Second Movement)
    Q Project - Capricorn 15 (C.I.A)
    Destiny - Foul Play (Partisan)
    Binary Brothers - No Proof (Mapache)
    Numskullz - G.O.D (Hombre)
    Part 2 & Juice Aleem - Nanotech Pilots (Big Dada)
    Offside - Limelight (Westpoint)
    Task Force - I Wish (K'Boro)
    Blade - Mind of an Ordinary Citizen (691 Influential)
    Blak Twang - Don't Test (Jammin')
    M.S.I & Asylum - Hang 'em High (Gran-Kru)
    100 Strong featuring Allstar - Daily Planet (dubplate)

DJ Craze - The Lowdown 4