Monday, 3 February 2014

Dj Vinroc - Underground Overstood The Mixtape

Dj Vinroc -Underground Overstood The Mixtape

1. Skribe "Overstand the Underground" 
2. The Artifacts "Comin' From" 
3. Das Racist "Sit Down, Man" 
4. SkyZoo "Now or Never" 
5. Breez Evahflowin' "Refined Part2"
6. Devin The Dude "What i Be on" 
7. Cee Knowledge "The Nutcracker" 
8. Big Pooh "MC" 
9. Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar "Hood gone Love It" 
10. Foulmoth Jerk "Sadam Hussein was on Angel Dust"
11. Random Axe "The Hex" 
12. Jay Electronica & Yelawolf "Live it" 
13. Beats Bang Fame "Burn it Up" 
14. Oktober Zero "Tunnel Vision" 
15. C Rayz Walz "Libra" 
16. The Cool Kids "Roll Call" 
17. Deep Rooted "Bring it Back" 
18. Black Rob "Cant Make it in NY" 
19. Pumpkinhead "Divine Roots" 
20. Ill Bill, Sick Jacken, & Sean Price "trouble shooters"
21. Common & John Legend "Strange Fruit" 
22. Akir "Mindset" 
23. Fred The Godson & Jasakiss "Toast to That" 
24. Kool G Rap "To Live & Die in NY" 
25. Pusha T & Tyler the Creator "trouble on my Mind" 
26. MC Juice "Long Time Coming" 
27. Breez Evahflowin' "Dreams" 
28. Currency & Freddie Gibbs "Scottie Pippen" 
29. The High Life "Pnoid" 
30. Agent 23 "Rules to the Game" 
31. Joe Buddens "When it all Implodes" 
32. CyHi the Prince "Woopty Do" 
33. Akir "The Good Life" 
34. Stalley "Hercules" 
35. EDO G & Cosmic Krissy "Grieving" 
36. R.E.K.S. & Styles P "Why Cry" 
37. Joelle Ortiz & Fat Joe "I Shot Killed for Less" 
38. David Dallas & Freddie Gibbs "Caught in a Daze" 
39. J Cole & Fashawn "Relaxation"


  1. wow I thought i had every HH mix Vin ever put out, nice surprise to find one i missed!! For any fans I got some great footage of him up on my blog &

  2. unless I'm doing something wrong that link doesn't work for me, any chance of a reup? thanks guys!