Thursday, 13 March 2014

DJ Matman - 7" Mix Vol.2

It was around this time last year I put out my 1st all 7" vinyl mix after joining the 'Digga Please' crew alongside djs Shepdog & Kombine, so it's about time I gave you lot another volume as promised! This one is on a classic Hip Hop, RnB & Funk tip, laced with occasional flexes of my scratch muscles! All mixed soley on 7" vinyl 45's using a rane 62 mixer (with internal fx) and 2 turntables - no laptop in sight!

Catch me spinning an all 7"s set at The Doctor's Orders night '45 X 45's' alongside the legendary Bobbito Garcia (NYC), Spin Doctor & Mo Fingaz on April 5th at The Book Club, London.

Please share / tweet / blog / play very loudly in public if you're feeling it. Thanks.

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