Friday, 7 March 2014

DJ Quest & Disk - Beta Lounge 9/10/97

Thought it would be nice for ppl to actually download and listen to these mixes, rather than have to sign up and then if you're lucky listen to one of them in it's entirety without it constantly dropping out, which seems to be the case with most of the mixes on that site, if they work at all, so in my infinite wisdom I ripped the sets from the actual source, which isn't saying much because the source file format is .rm, so that's why the audio quality isn't the greatest, even after I converted it to .mp3, so blame them, not me, LOL.
If you do want to listen (try) to some more mixes you can visit them at they do have quite an extensive list ranging from hip hop to techno but like I said, you will have to sign up to do so.
Anyway njoi almost 4HRS! of some awesome turntablism!

(To D/L the file click the image with the musical note then the D/L button on the upper right corner with the arrow pointing down, it's pretty st fwd)

DJ Quest & DJ Disk - Beta Lounge 9/10/97

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