Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dj Kazahaya - The Doctor's Order 279 Mix

Dj Kazahaya - The Doctor's Order 279 Mix

Ripped from TDO

Dj Kazahaya famous for his double Mixcd Series "Soul in" in Japan.
Promo uploads from his Mixcds here and here.
He only uploads CD 1 from the his double Mixcd.
I will upload his complete Mixcd by request.

1.Politician (Stones Throw) by Aloe Blacc
2.Funky Fanfare by Visioneers
3.Dukes - Checkmate (Breakin' Bread) by Kazahaya ft. Paw
4.I Got A Love by PETE ROCK
5.Ain't Got The Love by Ambassadors
6.Make Love Last Forever by Karen Pree
7.Runnin' by Visioneers
8.Runnin' (KAZAHAYA Remix) by Pharcyde
9.The Light (KAZAHAYA Remix) by Common
10.Everyday Love (Stones Throw) by Myron & E with The Soul Investigators
11.I Believe in Miracles by Mark Capanni
12.Golden Lady (Stones Throw) by Yesterday's New Quintet
13.Si Si Puede (Lack Of Afro Remix) by Ray Camacho
14.Love Addict by Honey & The Bees
15.Blind Man (Stones Throw) by LA Carnival
16.Headbangers's Ball (Stones Throw) by Dooley O
17.Just Another Day In The People by Nas
18.Poppa Large by Ultra-Magnetic MCs
19.Hip Hop Band by Stetsasonic
20.Fais Do-Do byL efties Soul Connection
21.Remember Hip Hop (Breakin' Bread) by Kazahaya
22.Party Over Here by Lord Finnesse
23.Rap Tradition (Breakin' Bread) by Chris Read ft. Phill Most Chill
24.Rap Machine by DJ Format
25.Juice by Eric B. & Rakim
26.Put 'Em To Rest (Stones Throw) by C$Money And DJ Chase
27.Doomsday Of Rap by Hi Jack
28.I’M THE MAN by Hip City Swingers

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