Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dj Kazahaya - Soul on Japan

Dj Kazahaya - Soul on Japan

Ripped from Breakin Bread

1.Made in Japan by Ben The Ace
2.Macka-Chin by Sunkist Slow
3.Southpaw Chop by For My Man
4.Southpaw Chop by Here We Go
5. Dev Large by Take You Home
6.Kazahaya by Checkmate
7.Grooveman Spot by Resurrection 03
8.Kazahaya by Runnin 2005
9.Muro by Han Tome
10.DJ Perro by Free
11.Kazahaya by Funcky Water
12.Kazahaya by KzLight
13.Ben The Ace by Over The Border
14.T-Bone Steak by Fight Lullaby
15.Deckstream by Can You Let Me Know
16.Muro by El Carnaval
17.Ulticut Ups! by Overdose Suite
18.Kazahaya by Remember Hip Hop
19.DJ Hachi by Pianoman
20.Kazahaya by Bon Voyage
21.Muro by Japanese Gangster
22.Mitsu & The Beats by See The Light Of Day
23.Watt by Think of
24.Kazahaya by I Love You Free Free
25.DJ Perro by Seven Seas Voyage
26.Mitsu & The Beats by Shikabane Wo Koete
27.Kazahaya by Gonna Love You Anyway

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