Friday, 18 April 2014

The Scratch Perverts - Essential Mix (2004)

The UK tablists doing what they do best, just grab it!

Track List

DJ Plus One - 'Booty Cruncher Instrumental' (SPR)
LL Cool J - 'Headsprung' (DefJam)
Dr. Dre - 'Deep Cover' (Interscope)
Jadakiss - 'Kiss Of Death' (Universal)
Lumidee - 'Uh Oh' (Universal)
Dizzie Rascal - 'Fix Up, Look Sharp' (XL)
Marley Marl - 'Marley Marl Scratch' (White)
Nas - 'Thiefs Theme' (Columbia)
Ghostface - 'Rub' (DefJam)
Jay Z - '99 Problems' (Rocafella)
213 - 'Groupie Love' (TVT)
Twista - 'Twista' (White)
Scratch Perverts - 'Time' (SPR)
Foreign Beggars - 'Hold On' (Dented)
DJ Plus One - Turn Around [instrumental] (SPR)
Dynamite MC feat. Plus One - 'Industry Pt. 2' (Strong)
Brandy - 'I Tried' (East West)
Obi Trice - 'The Set Up' (Shady Records)
Lil' Jon - 'Get Low' (TVT)
Busta Rhymes - 'Make It Clap' (J-Records)
Norega - 'Full Mode' (DefJam)
Ja Rule - 'Clap Back' (White)
J-Kwon - 'Tipsy' (50 50 Def)
Lil' Kim - 'The Jump Off' (Atlantic)
Timbaland & Magoo - 'Cop That Sh*t' (Universal)
B5 2000 - 'Unknown' (White)
ET Boogie - 'Unknown' (Sunny View)
Esther Williams - 'Last Night Changed It All' (White)
Beastie Boys - 'Check It Out' (Grand Royal)
Foxy Brown - 'The Letter M' (DefJam)
Unknown - 'I'm A Man' (White)
Method Man - 'Method Man' (Loud)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
Nina Sky - 'Move Your Body' (J-Time)
Shawna - 'Share That Sh*t' (DefJam)
Dead Prez - 'Hell Yeah' (Loud)
Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - 'Natural Born Killaz (Death Row Records)
Bone Crusher - 'Never Scared' (50 50 Def)
Dead Prez - 'Hip Hop' (Loud)
Blak Twang - 'So Rotten' (Bad Magic)
The Lady Of Rage - 'Afro Puff's' (Death Row Records)
The 45 Kings - '900 Number' (Tuff City)
Eric Sermon - 'Feel It' (Universal)
Mobb Deep - 'Got It Twisted' (Jive)
Method Man - 'What's Happening' (DefJam)
Busta Rhymes - 'As I Come Back' (White)
Jay Z - 'P.S.A. [Remix] (Roc-a-Fella)
Scatch Perverts - 'Come Get It' (SPR)
Egyption Lover - 'Dance' (Egyptian Empire)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bell Bottom' (Matador)
Paul Weller - 'Cosmos [Lynch Mob Mix] (Go Discs)
Jay Z - 'Dirt of Your Shoulder' (Roc-a-Fella)
Timbaland - 'They Ain't Ready' (Interscope)
Bubba Sparx - 'Ugly' (Beat Club)
Justin Timberlake - 'Cry Me A River' (Jive)
Nasty Nas - 'Halftime' (Columbia)
GZA - '4th Chamber' (DGC)
Scratch Perverts - 'Come Get It' [Remix] (SPR)
Big L - 'Devil's Son' (Columbia)
Dizzie Rascal - 'Jus A Rascal' (XL)
Diz - 'Purple Pills' (Shady)
Metallica - 'Frantic' (Vertigo)
Skinny Man - 'It's Over' (White)
NERD - 'Rockstar' (Star Trak/Virgin)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 'Californication' (Warner)
Ashad & Klashnikoff - 'The Message' (White)
NERD - 'Lapdance' (Virgin)
Freeway - 'What We Do' (Roc-a-Fella)
Clipse - 'Grindin' (Star Trak)
Radiohead - 'National Anthem' (Parlophone)
Squarepusher - 'Go Plastic' (Warp)
Metallica - 'Wherever I May Roam' (Vertigo)
Scratch Perverts - 'Stand By' (SPR)
Kelis - 'Milkshake' [Remix] (Arista)
Kelis - 'Milkshake' (Arista)
Missy Elliot - 'Pass The Dutch' (Warner)
White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army' (XL)
Chemical Brothers - 'Come With Us' (Virgin)
Blackicious - 'Alphabet Aerobics' (Quannum)
Nirvana - 'Love Buzz' (DGC)
Ret Hot Chilli Peppers - 'Under The Bridge' (Warner)
Ret Hot Chilli Peppers - 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' (Warner)
LL Cool J - 'It Gets No Rougher' (DefJam)
Prodigy - 'Fire Starter' (XL)
Squarepusher - 'My Red Hot Car' (Warp)
Ian Brown - 'F.E.A.R.' (Polydor)
Origin Unknown - 'Valley Of The Shadows' (RAM)
Bad Company - 'The Nine' (Bad Company)
High Contrast - 'Restoration' (White)
Calibre - 'Drop It Down' (Creative Source)
Zinc - 'Ready Or Not 2003' (White)
Fresh - 'Hooded' (RAM)
Nightbreed - 'Pack Of Wolves' [Remix] (RAM)
Krust - 'Follow The Vision' (Full Cycle)
Adam F & J-Magik - 'Metrosound' (Kaos)
Pendulum - 'Vault' (31 Records)
Fresh - 'Floodlight' (Dogs On Acid)
Andy C - 'Body Rock' (RAM)
Dilinja - 'Crunch' (Valve)
Roni Size - 'Trouble' (Full Cycle)
Pendulum - 'Another Planet' (Kaos)
Unknown - 'You Disgust Me' (Black Widow/Spider)
Ram Trilogy - 'Capture The Flag' (RAM)
Friction - 'Bogey Man' (True Playaz)
Ed Rush & Optical ft. Scratch Perverts - 'Get Ill' (Virus)
Dillinja - 'Twist Em Out' (Renegade Records)
Dillinja - 'Grimey (V Records)
Calibre - 'Mr. Majestic' (Creative Source)

The Scratch Perverts - Essential Mix (2004)

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