Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Richie Rich (Gee Street Mix for Kiss FM)

This is what TMTU is all about somebody requesting if anybody has any other sets and somebody coming up trumps with the request

see msg below

Hi Paul
Just caught your shout out about the stupendous Richie Rich on the blog and wanted to draw your attention to this mix I've been carrying with me in various portable devices for the past 24 years. Someone's kindly put up a crystal clear rip on Soundcloud
The CD was a freebie with MixMag just when it was beginning to severe its old DMC links. Richie's mix was easily the best and the Jungle Brothers ' The Break' (ostensibly ELO's Don't Bring Me Down drum break) & Outlaw Posse's 'Cashing Large Cheques' was a marriage made in heaven.I've got some Richie Rich mixes from Dave Pearce's Night FM BBC London show on tape where he used to drop guest mixes & also the Richie Rich in Trouble Megamix on vinyl that appeared as a giveaway single with Record Mirror magazine. I'll dig them out and upload sometime soon. Hope you enjoy the Gee Street Mix.
Keep up the great work - Steve Rutt

nice1 Steve

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