Monday, 23 June 2014

DJ Jazzy Jeff Mix circa '99 

Another classic mix and another must for Jazzy Fans

Dj Jazzy jeff live tim westwood 1989 

Absolute must mix for  Jazzy Jeff fans-sure i have this but downloading again anyway

DJ Netik Live Radio NOva 07-03-2008 

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No really my cup of tea for the first 10 mins two Dub/Bass but absolutely full of scratching

Dj netik - old mix

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Following on from Andy post here another great old school hip hop mix

Dj Yoda & Dan Greenpeace - Essential Mix 22.06.2003

can't believe this was 11 years ago yesterday !!!!!


Mr Switch (formerly DJ Switch [UK] - Live from BTG's Xmas Party! 6/12/13

Great mix from the DJ formerly known as DJ Switch!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

DJ Netik - "The Old To The New" Rider-Radio Mix

Another DMC champ doing his thang, njoi!

Follow the link to DL

DJ Rafik - Ching Zeng Taped #1

One of the best turntablists to ever touch the platters imo, doing what he does best, njoi!

DJ Shiftee - DAD060 (Do Androids Dream)

Cheers to the guys over at DAD for this, great mix from a great DJ, njoi!

DJ Toru - Old & New school HipHop RnB Mix

Been a while since I posted been pretty busy but I had some spare time today, so here's the joints and jams, njoi!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK present Summertime Mixtape Vol. 5

i wait for these every year like a sucker haha
just a little heads up that new one jsut dropped!
site seems kinda buggy (atleast for me) and i cant download atm
but u can already listen

if u missed the previous one there all there as well


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dj Nu Mark-J-Dilla Tribute Mix  

J-Dilla Tribute Mix By Dj Nu-Mark

The Nextmen- A Child Introduction to Jazz

The Nextmen- A Child Introduction To Jazz

DJ Nu-Mark Live At Chocolate@Clash Club 

Dj Nu-Mark Live At Chocolate@Clash Club (2009)

DJ Numark-Guest mix 

Dj Numark (Usa) Exclusively In The Guest Mix For Dj Decktator

DJ Nu-Mark-SHIFT Podcast 004: 

Shift Podcast 004: Dj Nu-Mark

Dj Muro - 45's Disco Mix Digot 2014

Dj Muro - 45's Disco Mix Digot 2014

Released on his soundcloud.

DJ ABBFunk - 90s Golden Era Hip Hop mix for Built to Last, Campus FM Toulouse

another bit of class from the man like ABBFunk

DJ Jaffa - Live @ Sabotage 16/06/14

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

DJ Haitian Star - The Italo Mix

Heres another Mix from the man. Like the last one its a very broad mix, but the main focus lies on italy. so expect some italian and german here n there. 
enjoy the summer
"Mixed with real vinyl. No serato or ableton this time. No tracklist, just enjoy the music"

Thursday, 5 June 2014

DJ Zimmie - Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz)

DJ Zimmie - Headnod (DJ Zimmie X Kix & Lidz)

DJ Zimmie - Live at New Amsterdam

DJ Zimmie Crown Room Hip Hop Warm Up 1.8.2011

DJ Zimmie Crown Room, Hip Hop Warm Up 1.8.2011

Mista Sinista Presents Break U Off

Dj Monk One-Funk 45s Live on the Underground Railroad 

Funk 45s Live on the Underground Railroad cover image

Esp-Old Skool Electro :4 

Old Skool Electro :4 cover image

DJP - Gangsta Mix Vol.1 - Azzholez and Elbowz

We all love a bit of DJP here

As requested by Alfredo Lanuza

if you didn't know all his mixes are free to DL from here

Cashmoney -w.k.i.s guess who's coming for dinner mixtape

Credit to Lee James 2nice for the upload

DJ PLATURN - Journey Into Sound

This CD showcases what you can expect from a DJ Platurn live show: A wide variety of hip-hop, funk, reggae, breaks, old-school cuts, and blend routines all expertly mixed like a real DJ should, and topped off with just the right scratches to complement the music. It's a throwback to the wide array of skills that used to be expected of DJs, and it's a display of deep crates, serious music knowledge, and real skills. Like all great mixtapes from the past, this one is timeless.

Credit to Lee James 2nice for the upload