Monday, 4 August 2014

DJ Craze - Subnine Wellington NZ 2002

I'm baaaaack! Sorry peeps, been mad busy (lazy, lol) so without further adieu here's some more mixes.
I ripped this one myself from mixcloud, so big ups to BassFrontiersNZ for the OG copy.
The best way to save this is to just right click on the link and "save link as", it will come with some cryptic file name but you can just copy n paste the title and save it as .mp3 because if you click on the link directly it will just play it, which is cool if you want to preview it  b4 hand, if you do this you can also use the right click, save link as method, just right click on the player, should work :)

DJ Craze - Subnine NZ 2002

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