Wednesday, 17 September 2014

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Solid Black

Artist: DJ Mitsu The Beats
Genre: Jazz
Released: 2012

Yes, after some years i'm finally back in the blogging world (thx chillone!!). Some people may know me from musical schizophrenia, some know me from soulseek and some don't know me :) As my first upload i present you this wonderful dj mitsu mix. In his own styles he blends the best from black jazz records.

The black jazz record label was founded in the early 70's by pianist Gene Russell. Compared the other more mainstream labels Black Jazz was more political and focused on black consciousness & spirituality. 

4 black jazz mixes were released in Japan. You can find the DJ Muro mix on this blog already and i will upload the remaining 2 mixes later on.

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