Sunday, 16 November 2014

DJ Big Jeff - Def Jam 30 Mixes Day 3

"Drawn to the art of Djing at an early age; DJ Big Jeff started manning the musical selection at family gatherings and house parties to get experience. His passion turned serious when he was dared by his brother and peers to enter a DJ Contest being held at a neighborhood block party; he did and to their surprise he won the competition, amazing onlookers and neighbors in attendance. From there Jeff was on his way, honing his skills as a battle DJ while picking up such accolades as winning the Smirnoff DJ spin-off competition in New York and placing runner-up at an International DJ Competition in Aruba."

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  1. media fire - permission denied???

  2. Ahhh crap someone must have reported it, will have to upload them all to another host BOOOOOOOOO :(

  3. OK Anon dude, new link is up, this one shouldn't get flagged :)