Monday, 1 December 2014

animal crackers - just add water

The group, originally just DJs, formed in the early nineties. The founding members of The Animal Crackers are Casual T (DJ/Producer/Engineer), King SMO (DJ/Producer), and The Cincinnati Kid (DJ/MC). As DJs, they first began in 1995 by playing out at local venues. They expanded the group by having Mike B (DJ) and DQ (DJ) both Cincinnati locals, join in, and a consistent growing fan base furthered their exposure.
By 1999, their fan base had grown so much that they were forced to play at a higher capacity venue. At the larger venue they began to perform live routines and hosted emcee battles. The Animal Crackers success grew rapidly in the music scene of Cincinnati during this time. They won the City Beat Cincinnati Entertainment Awards twice, and became Cincinnati Enquirer nominees. Upon recognition of those titles, Unseen (MC,) from Dayton, Oh and Dirty Ru (DJ/Producer/MC) from Connecticut joined the crew. The latest addition to the Animal Crackers is Topspeed (DJ) and extended family include; Mr. Dibbs, Nobody and Haiku.
The collective manage their own recording studio and label entitled Manimal Records, also based out of Cincinnati. They are involved with MC Paul Barman and legendary Bootsy Collins. The Animal Crackers have been official DJs for Scribble Jam since 2000, Scribble Jam is one of the most popular underground hip hop events of the year.

Not sure if this is the one I really liked of theirs but here it is anyways...


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