Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dj Qbert- Jelly Fish Lazer Face

Direct Download Link if Sendpace fails :P (bzrwon)

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  1. Q-Bert showing a different flare

  2. I definitely don't agree with Anonymous, this has always been Qbert's style for the past 10 years. He's pretty much left traditional Hip Hop for more EDM sound. All his previous projects had this 'bass music" sound.

  3. I can understand that Qbert's more recent works (Glaxxxian, Extraterrestria) were extremely bass heavy but the selection of tracks from this mix do not reflect his style.

    The selection is more reminiscent of Craze and Klever (Scratch Nerds, Best of 2013), Mixmaster Mike (Bolt 117, Napalm Rockets), and Low End Theory (Gaslamp, Daddy Kev, D-Styles) to name a few.

    The variety of trap/future trap, post DnB brings the image of performers mentioned previously instead of Qbert...using an umbrella term such as EDM is rather vague in my opinion; but that is just my opinion.