Friday, 27 February 2015

DJ Monk-One - Cherry Pickin' Mixtape (2003)

From Wax Poetics' site - "Contributing editor Andrew Mason aka DJ Monk-One put together this mixtape back in 2003 for Wax Poetics and Adidas. It was a simpler time then, so innocent. There was no SoundCloud, no Facebook. We made a CD. A little R&B, a little hip-hop, some Brazilian and jazz. We called it Cherry Pickin’ and the folks liked it. We gave it away for free."
1. Intro
2. “Ocapella” Lee Dorsey
3. “Tesouro de Sao Miguel” Raulzinho-Impacto 8
4. “Cherry Pickin'” Sugarman 3
5. “Cherrystones” Eugene McDaniels
6. “Jungle Music” Kelenkye Band
7. “Fireweaver” David Newman
8. “Feel Like Dancing” Bad Bascomb
9. “Heaven and Hell” 20th Century Steel Band
10. “Change the Beat” Fab 5 Freddy & Beside
11. “Can I Get a Soul Clap?” Grand Wizard Theodore
12. “Patty Duke” Cloud One
13. “Matrix” Dizzy Gillespie
14. “Bebete” Som Brasil
15. “Soul Traveling” Gary Byrd
16. “Listen to My Turbo” Raw Dope Posse
17. “It’s Yours” T La Rock
18. “The Hen” Louis Chachere
19. “Hap’nin” Bernard Purdie
20. “Spellbinder (Live)” Gabor Szabo
21. “Baltimore Oriole” Lorez Alexander
22. “Keep a Light in My Window” Ben Vereen

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