Thursday, 12 February 2015

Mixtapeunites Exclusive-Dj Rob One-Summah Vol 2

Cover image courtesy of
willybuck from Diggers With Gratitude Forum

The wait is finally over-One of the tapes ive been after for years is here.A great big shout out goes to DJ Scratchalot for letting me download this and other great missing mixtapes so abig thank you to him | Mirror Link

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  1. Hey Paul. Sorry about losing connection with slsk. I'm using Nicotine actually as my client so I can share the amount that I do but it does have some glitches. The regular slsk client crashes when I share a lot too. Ill be online this weekend so you can finish what you qued

  2. no problem will catch up over the weekend-still have a life time of downloading so thanks alot for shring this mix with us please ensure you download from me im sure i have stuff you dont lol

  3. glad to hear you found it after all the time looking, will give it a listen now!

  4. djs if read this can you contact me please via email or google

  5. Hey man Thank You for sharing THIS!
    Do you have other mixxes from him f.e. Summah Vol1..?
    Or dj mixxes of Dj Drez like "Cool Fantastic" or "Hip Hop Music Say It Loud"...
    Thank you man..this is hella dope

  6. tapedigger -do want the mix uploaded