Saturday, 28 February 2015

The MixTape Unites Vol.III Mixed By PlusOne

The MixTape Unites is proud to present the third installment of The MixTape Unites Vol.
Mr PlusOne made us a perfect Beat Mixtape.
Sit back and enjoy the show!
Some infos about PlusOne: 
My name's PlusOne. 22. I was born in Ukraine in the city of Lugansk. But a bloody rain of bombs forced me to leave it for Russia. Four months ago one bearded man gave me a controller and said: "I'll take it back if you will not become a DJ". I steel have those controller with me and it makes me think I'am a Dj.
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01. Beatsystems - Second Joint
02. Figub Brazlevic - Tuttlingen Dodgers 
03. DJ Regal - Old Friends 
04. Bugseed - Secret Diplomacy 
05. Figub Brazlevic - Sewer Sights
06. RomantiCut - Out Of Hours   
07. Mc Bomber und Shacke One - Versteckt die Tochter (Instrumental)
08. Low Budget Soul - When I Call (Kev Brown Instrumental)
09. Freddie Joachim - Strawberries
10. ElekTro4 - Midtown, Thursday Evening
11. DJ Regal - Keep On
12. RickMal - Djaded
13. Surreal And DJ Balance - The Proof (SunBeats Instrumental)
14. ILL Treats - Gritty Digs
15. Dj Mentos - Flux
16. deeB - Pedestrian Flow (feat. DJ Dash)
17. Figub Brazlevic - Attack Of The Defenders
18. Pavel Ku x Mad One - Monday
19. deeB - Pop Up Horizon 
20. Boora - From The Depths Of Time
21. Sudakillah -  Talkin Shit 
22. Yellah Bwooay - Luckybeat
23. Natural Sequence - Freedom Flower (Instrumental)
24. Esta - Luna
25. Robot Orchestra - All Around Us
26. Micbeatz x Mew19 - Hagakure
27. Dj Artd - Black and jazzy (Instrumental) 
28. Figub Brazlevic - Smell The Words feat. Noritsu
29. Dj Artd - Green Forest (instrumental)
30. Blue Buttonz - The All Blue
31. deeB - Or Else
32. Waju & Garimastah - Alive ft. Muc J

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  1. Thanks PlusOne, welcome to the family!

  2. Rsp from Russian outskirts.