Tuesday, 3 March 2015

D-Styles and DJ Flare - Pharaohs of Funk (2000)

Found this one in the vault, thought I'd rip it for everyone, it's pretty much a dope scratch tape from two of the best, njoi!

Track List

1 Land of a Thousand Toads
2 The Pedophile in the Hood Is Always Hard
3 Spacecamp Massacre
4 The Ribbit Wrap
feat. The Toad Man
5 Malfunctioning Brainwaves
6 Who Killed 2Pac? We Didn't! At Least We Don't Think We Did!
7 Urination
8 Carcass of a Mutilated Humanoid
9 Berzerkatron
10 Live at the Cow Palace 3-11-2000

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