Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dj JAFFA - The MixTape Unites Vol.V

Right here it is folks
have to say we we talked about starting TMTU we knew could lead to good things but never ever thought would be what it is

a big thanks to everyone that is involved

right onto this 
We have been pretty cheeky and asked DJ's to do mixes some say yes some don't answer I asked JAFFA via facebook and got an answer within minutes saying yes which I was hyped right up about JAFFA been about for a while heard a oldskool house / rave set of his back in the 90's and loved it and been grabbing his stuff ever since so to get him to do a mix for us is BIG

Can't thank him enough for this

If you grab this mix please hit Jaffa's facebook page or mixcloud account think it only fair don't you

Much Love Stussy_Daz

(PS Sorry about crap artwork best I could knock up)

Dj JAFFA - Mixcloud
Dj JAFFA - Facebook

Dj JAFFA - The MixTape Unites Vol.V

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