Wednesday, 4 March 2015

DJ Shan Frenzie - The Zulu Beat

I've always loved the "breaks mix" style of mixtape, a tradition at goes as far back as the early 80s when Hip Hop's first generation of DJs created mixtapes based around nothing but the "get down" parts of the tunes they were playing at the time. It must have been Afrika Bamabaataa's Death Mix that was the first of this kind to be pressed on vinyl (and also became the inspiration for the cover art for this mixtape). With this, I've gathered together a bunch of classic and not so classic breakbeats - some new some old - and put them through the blender, layered with vocal grabs, and a bunch of cuts.
Nice1 to Dayle Dickson Via Facebook for the hook up on this


DJ Shan Frenzie - The Zulu Beat
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