Friday, 8 May 2015

Dj FYO - The MixTape Unites Vol.VII

TMU is proud to present Vol VII. of our The MixTape Unites Mixes.
DJ FYO a.k.a. Do Justly From Your Own from Japan 
blessed us with nice selections of 
Independent HipHop\Instrumental Beats Mixtape.
Mixes,Contacts & ect check out Dj FYO
Domo Arigato Dj FYO!
  Dj FYO - The MixTape Unites Vol.VII

1: This Means You feat. Talib Kweli/ Yasiin Gaye (Amerigo Gazaway)
2: Emma's Krush/ SiFunk & Garmunkle
3: Bong Water/ Evolve One
4: Believe me New-York/ Keor Meteor
5: Summer Time (Pt.2)/ Maker
6: Musashi vs Orochi/ Sizemen
7: StckrClection/ Ru
8: Tapestry/ Jackson Jones
9: Soulium (Real Recognize Real)/ Futuristic
10: Listen to Lonnie_Space Love/ Kenny Keys
11: So Never Forget/ Simiah
12: Moon Flower/ Niazura
13: Nocturnal/ The Residents
14: Check it Out feat. Moka Only/ Ray Black
15: I Love H.E.R./ Kid Abstrakt
16: La fuerza del Dolor/ Soul Diggah
17: True To This feat. Cayoz/ O*Zee & Teddy Roxpin
18: Savagely Attack/ Czarface
19: Pot or Polls/ Katalyst
20: Bop Hop/ Brooklyn Funk Essentials
21: Knowledge/ SE1DavidE
22: Lavender/ Shag
23: Everybody Needs Someone/ Beatsofreen & Medaforacle
24: The Format feat. Masta Ace & Mr.SOS/ CunninLynguists
25: CheepSkates feat. John Culpry/ Quotes Dawson
26: Intergalactix feat. uMaNg/ String Theory
27: Regarde Le Monde/ Arsenik
28: Casse La Baraque/ X.Men
29: Turn It Up/ Ju-Ar
30: Change of Heart/ sb
31: Sun-Ba/ fLako
32: Don't Forget! (BANGER)/ Anthro Beats


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