Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dj Cutler- Scion Sampler V.16

So in 2006 I submitted a mix to Scion for the national Free Up Your mix contest... I heard back a few months later that Tony Touch selected a track on it as the best remix (there were several categories), and a few months later I found out that I won the grand prize itself... Part of that prize was the opportunity to assemble a mix that Scion would manufacture and distribute 500,000 copies of. I had less than a month to put the thing together, from inception to completion, before leaving on a pretty extensive tour with Pseudo Slang. I knew I could not do it alone, whilst preparing for tour and maintaining my busy schedule of beer drinking and late summer fishing. Luckily a DJ superhero named Optimus Prime lived right around the corner from me at the time, and he agreed to help in exchange for daily Flying Bison growlers. We spent almost every night of August 2006 working on this in one way or another... I learned a lot about Serato, Prime learned a lot about beer, and we both learned a lot about licensing (surprisingly we could use no tracks from Stones Throw, BBE, or several other indy labels), but all in all I think it turned out okay. I am ridiculously fortunate for this kind of massive exposure, and luckily I was able to tour for the next couple years with the help of Scion sponsorship/philanthropy... Big fat shout out to Prime and everyone that helped us put this together, especially all the talented Buffalo artists who contributed their own personal music.

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