Tuesday, 2 June 2015

DJ Haul & Mason: Scion CD Sampler v.9 (2004)

01 Look 4 Me/Take It Back/Time Has Come/Phuture inst.
02 Rock On/I Did You Wrong/Celebration inst./Young Blu in Love/Who’s That inst.
03 Bounce/Fat Camp Feva/Offbeat Smash inst.
04 So U Want More?/Oh U Want More?/Hydro Sound Clash
05 Do Your Thang/Friday Night/It’s All Big inst.
06 A Request/Funky inst./Shake It On Down/Cocoa Brovas Remix inst./The Way I Am
07 Amusing Amazing inst./McNasty Filth (A Capella)/Exotic Talk/Heart II Heart/Play This One
08 DBC Let the Music Play Remix inst./Conga Rock/Floor Wax/Train Song
09 Warzone/Bunky’s Pick/Contrast/Runnin’ Wild
10 Scandalous (A Capella)/My Position/Lullaby/No More Greener Grass inst.
11 I Like/New Josh (Leron & DJ Haul Remix)/Feel The Sound (A Capella)/Rock inst./B-Girl Session
12 Tomorrow/The Red inst./All the Way/Midnight Blue (TV Track) inst.
13 Trouble/The Process/6 Variations inst.
14 Nic’s Groove (Nicky Mason’s Electric Bounce Rock Skate Remix)/Creepers on Lampson/Bongo 2
Cheers to Juicy over at http://www.1994hiphop.com/ for the OG links!

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