Sunday, 18 October 2015

DJ Fashen- Unusual Suspects

Before traveling the globe and delivering high energy dance music to the bottle poppers and hip kids in the some of the biggest night clubs around, I made hip hop mixtapes in my tiny bedroom with two turntables, a 4 track cassette recorder, and a ton of vinyl records. Records that I saved my pennies and bought from the best record stores around, from New York to LA, but mainly in my hometown of Phoenix Arizona. Hours of digging for that "new new" music, and perfecting routines and dissected intros was a passion. And now thanks to some of my good friends, I present "The Lost Tapes" series. I'm ripping all of my old mixtapes that have been graciously provided by the people that had my back from day 1.
Here is the 3rd jammy of the series titled "Unusual Suspect". Another movie themed mix. The quality of this recording didn't stand the test of time, though I did my best to clean it up. Drop cameo's from the AZ homies Z-Trip, Cyde, and Dj Konfusion. Underground 90's hip-hop ripped right from cassette. This mix was also recorded in 1996.

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