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CIGAH Live Luna-Dj Profile & Paul Prime 18.08.2012

CIGAH Live Luna-Dj Profile & Paul Prime 18.08.2012
90's Hip Hop

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This is a 1 hour mix between DJP & MR. DIBBS originally put out on a limited 200 cassette tapes. The mix starts with DJP doing the first 10 min followed by MR. DIBBS doing the next 10min handing it back and forth until completed. Gangsta Boogie Ya'll!


Sunday, 3 December 2017

DJ Neil Armstrong - ABA Americans Much love to Jersey

DJ Neil Armstrong - ABA Americans  Much love to Jersey 
1 ABA AMERICANS – The ABA NJ Americans Theme Song – much love to Teaneck NJ
2 Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight
3 Sugarhill Gang – Apache
4 Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove
5 Frankie Valli – Beggin’ (piloski edit)
6 Heading to Teaneck New Jersey… home of packer shoes
7 Lee Mason – Shady Blues
8 Pacewon – I Declare War
9 Joe Farrell – Upon This Rock
10 Artifacts – whassup now muthafuka
11 Artifacts – c’mon wit da git down
12 YZ – (So Far) The Ghetto’s Been Good to Me
13 Redman – Tonight’s da Night
14 Queen Latifah – Jersey
15 Artifacts – wrong side of da tracks
16 Parliament – P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
17 Parliament – Up For The Down Stroke
18 Parliament / Dr. Dre – Swing Down, Sweet Chariot / Let me Ride
19 Apache – Gangsta B*tch
20 Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock Dis Funky Joint
21 Redman – Can’t Wait
22 Method Man & Redman – How High
23 Erick Sermon feat. Redman – React
24 Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder
25 Lords of the Underground- Funky Child
26 Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem
27 Naughty By Nature – Sleepin’ On Jersey
28 The Flavor Unit MCs – Roll With That Flava

Sunday, 26 November 2017

DJ MemBrain & DJ Sepalot - Deiner Tracks Vol.2 Mixcd

 DJ MemBrain & DJ Sepalot - Deiner Tracks Vol.2 Mixcd
Recommend by Bugel 

Disk: 1

  1. Intro - Unknown
  2. Ende der Welt - Costa & DJ Mem Brain
  3. Malaria - Twins, Stieber feat. Sam Deluxe und Max
  4. Nie ohne sie - Massive Töne
  5. Doublette - Marquis II, Roey und MB 1000
  6. Rhythmus Mafiosis - Tefla & Jaleel
  7. Exklusivinterview - Max & Afrob
  8. Wahre Liebe - Curse
  9. The World Ain't Ready - D.V. alias Khrist, Siba Giba, DavidPe, Samy Deluxe, Retsam, Raptile
  10. Top Niveau - City Nord
  11. First Strike - Costa & DJ Mem Brain
  12. Zieh dir das rein - MC Rene & DJ Friction
  13. 360 Grad - P-Vers & Boulevard Bou
  14. Ernst oder Spaß (Straße) - Gangsta Boogie
  15. Maniac 2000 - Such A Surge
  16. Und was?! - Spezializtz feat. ImmO
  17. Wer von Euch - Da Fource feat. KMC
  18. Throw Em Up - Channel Live
  19. Breathe And Stop - Q-Tip
  20. Ausnahmezustand - Costa & DJ Mem Brain
  21. Nur die Zeit - Bintia
  22. Du wirst sehn - Marisa

Disk: 2

  1. Brown Baby - Ross, Diana
  2. Way Back Home - Walker, Junior
  3. Sandstorm - Click Tha Supah Latin feat. Medusa
  4. Ambush In The Night - Looptroop
  5. Creativity - Dr. Becket feat. El Da Sensei
  6. Universal - Insight feat. Mr. Lif
  7. Until Then... - Square One feat. Johnny Dolo
  8. Mind Over Matter - K-Otix
  9. Words & Verbs - Maseo feat. Kovas
  10. Für Euch - Kaleidoskop
  11. Rapstar - Lyroholika
  12. Downtown - Lyroholika
  13. Take Cover - Guru
  14. Love Tha Love - Prince Po
  15. Off The Record - Promoe
  16. My Style Is Phreaky - Subterranean
  17. Best Friends Become Strangers - Miers, Mykill
  18. State Of The Art Part I - Square One
  19. Forever - DJ Revolution
  20. Love For The Sake Of Love - Barry, Claudja
  21. Killed Or Be Killed - Saukrates
  22. Da Ill - Rook & Bishop
  23. Basics - Dilated People feat. Defari
  24. Da Professional Part I - Saukrates
  25. Someday - Russell, Alice

Dj Rabauke & Dj 5ter Ton - Deiner Tracks Vol.1 Mixcd

Dj Rabauke & Dj 5ter Ton - Deiner Tracks Vol.1 Mixcd

Recommend by Bugel

Disk: 1

  1. Intro - Unknown
  2. Fragestunde - Texta
  3. Kabeljau Inferno - Deichkind
  4. Freaks - Fab
  5. Dein Herz schlägt schneller - Fünf Sterne Deluxe
  6. Dewdrops - A Real Dope Thing
  7. Pures Gift - Dynamite Deluxe
  8. Samy Deluxe - Dynamite Deluxe
  9. 1-2-3-4 - Kinderzimmer Productions
  10. Im Zeichen des Freaks - Ferris MC feat. Stylewarz
  11. Supa Stah - Doppelkopf
  12. Top Priority - Easy Business
  13. Nichtsnutz - Massive Töne
  14. Rapstar - Lyroholika
  15. Sounds fürs Auditorium - Main Concept
  16. Bonaqua - Deichkind
  17. Fenster zum Hof - Stieber Twins
  18. Eimsbusch Style - Mister Schnabel feat. Samy Deluxe
  19. The Rise - Walkin' Large
  20. Rapgame - Massive Töne
  21. Rock On - Absolute Beginner
  22. Balance - Doppelkopf
  23. Oft wunder ich mich - Total Chaos

Disk: 2

  1. Intro - Unknown
  2. U Want Money - Cover
  3. Plus Le Monde - Def Bond feat. Freeman & K. Rhyme Le Roi
  4. Contains a sample from "NT" - Blackmoon
  5. "Dead On It Part II" - VARIOUS
  6. Mou Mous - Breite Seite
  7. Thunder & Lightening - Defari feat. Xzibit & Tash
  8. Doppeltes Risiko - Curse feat. Stieber Twins
  9. Comeback - STF
  10. And What - Kardinal Offishall
  11. Taler, Taler - Skills En Masse
  12. What You Want - Ryders, Ruff
  13. All Areas - Deine Quelle
  14. Heiá wie Feuer - DJ Stylewarz feat. Torch & D-Flame
  15. Partner Teil 2 - Creutzfeld & Jakob
  16. Gedankenflashflowsnacks - Main Concept
  17. Vogelperspektive - Eins, zwo
  18. Outro - Unknown

Beatjunkies DJ Melo-D showcasing the DJ-808

Roland NAMM 2017 DJ Melo-D
DJ Melo-D on the DJ-808. DJ MELO D
Posted by Roland on Thursday, 19 January 2017

Monday, 20 November 2017

dj madbeats (Filthy Mitts) BOOMTOWN 2017 - Dubtendo - MADBEATS

My festival set at Boomtown Fair alongside DJ Cheeba (Dubtendo - Chinatown)
KRS ONE - Mad Crew
Public Enemy - Smash The Crowd
Flamingosis - Brunch at the Bodega
Large Professor - Hardcore Hip Hop (Nobodi da Vinylist remix)
RJD2 - Ghostwriter (CloZinger remix)
DJ Shadow - Systematic (Instrumental)
Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (Acapella)
Dexter Story - Wejene Aola
DJ Numark - Dont play around
Loyle Carner - NO CD
James Brown - Papa don't take no mess (Lego Dub)
Body Moves - Rock Hound
A Tribe Called Quest - Dis Generation
James Brown - Blind man can see it
DJ Katch - Ends Up
Super Mario Bros - Hipstrumental
Mr Scruff - Spandex Man
Biggie Smalls - Party & Bullshit (Acapella)
Moyo Wangu - Renegades of Jazz
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Charles Bradley - Ain't it a Sin
Mr Scruff - Get a move on
Marvin Gaye - Heard it through the grapevine (Acapella)
Skamanians - Ska Party (Cockney Nutjob remix)
Leygo - Bam Bam
The Techniques Allstars - Staleg 17
All Seeing I - Beat Goes On
Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
Roni Size - I shot the Sheriff
Snow - Informer (Fleck Re-Licky Boom Boom Down)
DJ Krome & Mr Time - Studio 1 Lik






DJ Mane One - Gimme' A Break Vol. 2


DJ Mane One Gimme a Break! - B-BOY BREAK MIX


DJ Craze - Essential Mix - 18.11.2017


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

DJ Z-Trip - Hollywood Bowl - Chester Bennington Celebration of Life / Linkin Park & Friends 10/27/17

Here is my opening set. This was a really special one for me, Chester and I were friends. We both came out of the music scene in Phoenix, AZ. I toured with Linkin Park for years, we all shared such amazing times together. Chester and I went on to record "Walking Dead" for my debut album "Shifting Gears". He was such an incredible artist and his voice was unlike anything I had ever heard. I wanted to put together something that embodied his influences, as well as songs that connect us to him & LP. It got emotional for me at times, but was extremely therapeutic to share this with others who've been feeling the same way. Huge thank you to LP for inviting me to help celebrate his life. Much love to those guys for all they've gone through and for all they've done for so many people. Chester, you made a tremendous mark on all, man. You are forever missed, my brother. - Much love, DJ Z-Trip. #FuckDepression #MakeChesterProud


DJ Immortal - A Matter of Time - Vol 2 - 90s Rock Mix

You request 
We Supply

One for main man Forylla Enjoy dude

DJ Immortal - A Matter of Time - Vol 2 - 90s Rock Mix

Four Color Zack Live @ 143 March 2017


Four Color Zack - Nocturnal Wonderland 2017 Mix


DJ Hedspin - The R Mixtape Volume 1.0 (All Rakim Mix)


Charly Hustle x Nick Bike - Live @ Saturday Night Lucky [Victoria, BC 26AUG2017]


Nick Bike - Live @ Ol' Dirty Sundays [02AUG2015]


Nick Bike - Live @ Portside [13OCT17]


Friday, 10 November 2017

Diamond D - Live At The Blue Courts NYC

Diamond D - Live At The Blue Courts NYC 
Diamond D: Limited Live Mix CD of me cutting all the original breakbeats on 45 for Japan release.
Live At The Blue Courts NYC 

Monday, 6 November 2017

DJ Steph - Hip Hop '94

Came across this over here and wanted to share it. RIP DJ Steph

So like 15 years ago (~2002/3ish) I made a posting, which at the time was the hip hop record nerd capital of the internet, asking if anyone needed any audio work done. I was graduating from Expression in Emeryville with an audio degree and needed some things for my portfolio/resume. Bay Area legend DJ Stef responded, who I knew from some of the Soulstrut club nights in SF. She mailed me a mixtape she had recorded (back then they were actual tapes) that she was trying to digitize (it was a much bigger pain in the ass back then). I was very stoked, both to hear what she had put together and to do something helpful with my newly-honed audio skills. I was getting ready to encode it and somehow, in the chaos of my household as a barely-functional 20-year-old with a newborn (now 14-year-old) living with my inlaws, lost it. Couldn't find it anywhere. I was mortified. I searched all over the house. For some reason, I never leveled with her about it. I think it was like a Schrodinger's Cat situation where if I didn't admit that I had lost it that it wasn't really lost. I kept my eyes peeled for years. It was a source of deep shame. Every time I moved, I expected it to turn up somewhere but it never would.
Recently (2017), I actually found the tape. It was in a random padded envelope that I didn't remember at all inside a box of my kids' old schoolwork. Inside were the cassette, liner notes with full tracklisting and a handwritten note: "Thanks Mike! - Stef". I assembled all the pieces needed and was planning to record the tape when I had some free time and send it off to her.
This week, Stef passed away suddenly. I never got to send it to her. I digitized it today and passed the cassette to Matt Sonzala who is leaving for the Bay tomorrow for Stef's wake. I was hesitant about putting this up on my account, since I don't want to take any credit for it, but after talking with Matt I believe this might help some folks who are missing her and hurting right now. This is a record of Stephanie Ornelas in her element, immersed in what she loved, creating something to share with people she loved. It's coming a little later than she maybe intended, but I'm entertaining the possibility that it's right on time for somebody.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dj Muro - King Of Diggin' - Diggin' Ariwa

Dj Muro - King Of Diggin' - Diggin' Ariwa 
1-1     Mad Professor     Crotchet   
1-2     Garnett Cross     Cry Over Me   
2        John Mclean     If I Give My Heart To You   
3        Intense (7)     Taking Control   
4-1     Mad Professor     Sweet Cherry   
4-2     Davina Stone     Silly Wasn't I   
5        Carroll Thompson     Unity In The Community Featuring – U-Roy
6        Mad Professor     Fresh And Clean   
7        Kofi     We Play Reggae   
8        Sandra Cross     Can't Let Dub Go   
9        Sandra Cross     Can't Let You Go   
10      J.C. Lodge*     Say You Love Me   
11      Sister Audrey     Put A Little Love Away   
12      Sandra Cross     Break Up To Make Up   
13      Rock A Way & Sister Audrey     It's A Shame   
14      Black Magic (16)     Feeling's Killing Me   
15      Susan Cadogan     Let Me Prove My Love To You   
16      Sandra Cross     It's You (Soul)   
17      Aquizim     Sheila   
18      Robotics* With Fenton Smith     Blood Is Thicker Than Water   
19      Kofi     Curious   
20      Brown Sugar (4)     Watching You (Soul Mix) 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Cornerstone Mixtape #200 - DJ Jay-Ski 'Live From The Jersadelph'


EXCEL - Live at Room 79 (Beijing) (04-15-17)


EXCEL - Mix for Born x Raised

dj excel-mix-for-born-x-raised

Skratch Makaniks Bad Boy/Biggie Mix! Feat DJ Excel, Jay-Ski and DJ Aktive


The Pharcyde 'Bizarre Ride' 25th Anniversary Mixtape mixed by Chris Read


Dj Kofi - Old School Mix Westwood's Radio One Rap Show '96

One of my all time fav mixs of all time KOFI on fire in 96' big shout out and total respect to for ripping this back in the bay thank yo so much dude i cleaned this up and joined itenjoy

Dj Kofi - Old School Mix Westwood's Radio One Rap Show '96

Thursday, 2 November 2017

From The Mixtape Unites With Love



Tuesday Weld / am I in Love ?
Frank Cunnimond Trio / Love So Fine
Joanie Sommers / Call Me
So in Love / Warren Kime
Morgan James / Fry Me to the Moon
Alan Tew Orchestra / You are the Sunshine of My Life
Unknown / Unknown
Billy Field / Single Man
Johnny Olsson / Can'T Buy Me Love
Bruce Westcott Trio / More Today Than Yesterday ~ Sweet Caroline
Takashi Furuya / I Believe in You
Ernestine Anderson / You are My Sunshine
Lee Towers / Secret Love
Percy Faith / Mrs.Robinson
18th Century Concepts / You Can'T Hurry Love
4c'S / Top of the World
Jamie and the J.Silvia Singers / What Now My Love
Bob Haggart and His Orchestra / Love for Sale
Nick Palmer / Love
Jackie Cain and Roy Kral / Cheerful Little Earful
Lena Horne / Hello Young Lovers
Alex Bugnon / Sweet Sticky Things
Ohio Players / Sweet Sticky Things
Ajl Band / Sweet Sticky Things
Stairsteps / I Love You Stop
Browning Bryant / La La La
Kai Warner Singers / My Cherie Amour
Brady Bunch / Love My Life Away
Yukari Ito / and Now I Know
Carmel Strings / A Lover'S Concerto
Exotic Guitars / Unchained Melody
Renaissance / Close to You
Jack Jones / More
 Love Songs

Dj Muro - 45 King Blend Mania

Dj Muro - 45 King Blend Mania
 45 King Blend Mania