Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Fifth Platoon Presents D-Day

Found this on souncloud
Side A, Daddy Dog.Intro
Talib Kweli 'Manifesto'
Missin Linx 'MIA'
Coco Brovas 'Won on Won'
DITC 'Dignified Soldiers'
Non Phixion 'I Shot Reagan'
Dynasty 'Poisonous Youth'
J-Treds 'Praise Due'
OC 'Time's up' Remix
Encore 'Ice Age'
Rass Kass 'Waterproof'
Black Moon/Heltah Skeltah 'War Zone' Remix
Big L 'Ebonics'
Show & AG 'Drop it Heavy'
Rakim 'Guess Who's Back' Remix
Big L 'Size em Up'
Black Star 'Definiton'

Side B, Do Boy.Necro 'Cockroaches'
Styles of Beyond 'Styles of Beyond'
KRS-One/Truck Turner 'Cypher St'
High n Mighty 'B-Boy Document'
Swollen Members 'Strength'
Kool G Rap 'Foul Cats'
Pete Rock 'Tru Master'
Medina Green 'Fla La Lashé'
Network Reps 'Dos Collabo'
7L & Esoteric 'Def Rhymes'
Brainsick 'It's My Thang'
Siah & Yeshua 'Transatlantic'
De la Soul / Pete Rock 'Stay Away'
Pharcyde 'Manifest'

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