Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Marcus B-Gone in a Spin

Really rare tape and requested by my main man Ryan 
. I have others by him if you want them
 Image result for dj marcus b gone with the spin
originally posted by barry here over at grime and lime
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  1. what do you a thanks would be nice

  2. thanks for posting paul! marcus b is a legend and one of the hardest mixtapes to find!

    somebody posted Superior Cynic on this site a few days ago but it was actually Gone With The Spin (with side A and B mixed up).

    i would really appreciate if you could upload Superior Cynic if you have that in your collection. been looking for it for years!

    and also these other mythical marcus b mixes which i have never been able to find.

    - The Matrix Mix
    - Yellow Tape
    - Neptune Walker

    hit me up if you're looking for anything too. always happy to share!


  3. You downloaded this off my site then reposted it on your website w/ no credit @Hamza. Now it's here! This was bought on two cd-rs from ebay for a few quid a couple of years ago fyi.


  4. Thanks for clearing that up Barry...

  5. Barry sorry mate no intentions but i did say wasnt sure -the superior cynic i have but im not sure now that you say its gone with a spin which in that case then i have had it for several years -we have the matrix mix not the other two also after return of the fett and barnstormer-barry sorry again mate

  6. ill check my superior cynic to see if its the same copy

  7. I found a few other copies floating around that were the same mistake

  8. Hey no worries im a fan of the website! Just thought i'd stake my claim!

  9. hey paul, can you PLEASE drop me the download link for "in the hour of chaos". its on this blog but the link is dead

  10. marcus sold all his spare copies years ago to some lucky folks who were ahead of the jump. now his tapes are in collectors hands and not to be found. its like they are locked in vaults around the globe never to resurface! i dont know anyone with a actual tape of his